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Want to see if you’re owed flight delay compensation?

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Delayed Again? Did your flight get rerouted? You could claim flight delay compensation!

Head Office: 1-6 St Marys Court, The High Street, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8HQ

Email: [email protected]


Getting as much relevant information on your flight delay speeds up the claims process. Please provide details such as the airline you flew with, the date of the flight, flight number, the length of the delay, and the reasons for the delay. Don’t worry if you’re unable to provide all of this information as we can help to find it out for you.
Absolutely! If your flight was with a European airline company, such as Monarch and the flight in question was to or from an airport situated in Europe, it is likely that we can file a claim for you - even if you do not live in the UK currently!
Yes! At any point of the claims process we can step in and help to secure your compensation. We can work with you from the very start, after you’ve sent your letter off to the airline, or during the claim compensation dialogue with the airline. Don’t let the airlines fool you, they will often send letters stating your claim isn’t valid when it is!
This varies depending on the type of claim we file for you, and it is governed by the specific set of laws applicable to your case. There’s no set time frame, but typically we say it takes around 4-12 weeks after filing your claim. Airlines are likely to be inundated with large numbers of delay compensation claims.
You can claim for flights that have departed in the last 6 years, as long as the flight departed or arrived in the EU via an EU airline.
You will only have to pay if your claim is successful. For successful claims, our fee is 25% of the compensation plus an admin fee of £25 per person* (plus Applicable VAT).