Flight delay over 3 hours? Claim up to £540* per person

For example, a family of 4 could claim up to £2,160. Check how much you could be owed with our free claims calculator..

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How Does It Work?

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Check if Your Flight Qualifies

If you have your flight number we can check instantly if you have a valid claim. Or use our quick Flight Checker tool to match your flight & check if your flight qualifies for compensation.

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Our expert claim handlers chase your claim

Our experienced team of claim handlers and our legal team deal with the airlines directly for you. With years of experience of dealing with the airlines directly, we can easily claim you the full amount of compensation you are entitled to - hassle free.

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Claim completed

Once we have confirmed with the airline, we will notify you that your claim is complete. We pay you the compensation you are owed directly into your bank account- it’s as simple as that.


Flight Delay Compensation | Our Service

You are able to claim if your flight was one of; Delayed, Cancelled, Re-Routed or you were Denied Boarding.

Under EU Legislation 261/2004, you are entitled to claim compensation (up to £540* per passenger) if in the last 6 years if it meets certain criteria.

Your flight has to have either:

  1. Departed from any airport in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland.
  2. Arrived in the EU with any EU carrier or one from Norway, Switzerland or Iceland

Claim for Multiple Passengers

Our process makes it easy for you to claim for you and anyone travelling in your party.


No win, No fee.

You will only have to pay if your claim is successful. We are a no win no fee service.


Lowest Service Fee Guaranteed

We guarantee to beat any of our competitors service fees.


Live Flight Data

Our flight checker makes it easy to match you to the flight you were on, with up to date real flight data.


UK Based Expert Advisors

Our knowledgeable team of expert claim handlers and dedicated legal team diligently chase your claim with experience in dealing with the top UK/EU airline operators.


Quick Easy Service

We handle the whole process for you. All we need is your flight no. and we take care of the rest.

Let us deal with the Airlines

Some of the airlines we have successfully claimed compensation from.

Great, we didn’t have to do anything after giving our flight details. We wouldn’t have bothered ourselves and now we are £240 better off.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers

What Documents Do I Need To Make a Claim?

To begin your claim we simply need to know which flight you were on (or at least meant to be on) and some sort of evidence of this. 99% of the time this is just the Booking reference you received when you booked tickets for the flight. You can usually find your full flight details & booking reference by searching your emails. If you can only find some of this information but not all of it, let us know what you have and we'll try and help.

How Much Do I Pay For Your Service?

You will only have to pay if your claim is successful. For successful claims, our service fee is 25% of the compensation then we have an admin fee of £25 per person (plus Applicable VAT). We're confident we have the lowest service fee around, so much so that we offer a "Lowest Service Fee Guarantee" where if you find a lower service fee elsewhere we guarantee to beat it.

Is my claim valid?

The best way to find out is to fill in our online form, however a good rule to keep in mind is that you must have been delayed by 3 hours reaching your destination and the flight must have been in the last 6 years. For the EU compensation regulation to apply, your flight must have either: i) departed from an airport in the EU. OR ii) arrived at an airport in the EU operated by an EU airline.

Can I Claim If I Don't Live in the UK?

Absolutely! If your delayed flight was with a EU airline, such as Monarch, Easyjet, Thomson, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways (many more) and the flight delay in question was to or from an airport situated in the EU, it is likely that we can file a flight delay compensation claim for you - even if you do not live in the UK currently!

Can I claim on behalf of my friends and family that I travelled with?

Yes, in fact it’s a good idea too. A single passenger claim could receive up to £540*, that amount is per passenger. So if you were travelling with 3 others at the time, you could claim up to £2,160*. All we need is your fellow passenger to sign our Terms & Conditions which tells us they are happy for you to claim on their behalf.

Will i ever end up with a huge bill?

Never. No chance. Even if a lot of legal work goes into investigating your claim, if its unsuccessful you do not pay a penny. If your claim is successfully, even then the absolute maximum we'd take from your compensation is less than half of what you'd receive in total anyway. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service.

Why use Delayed Again?

With the lowest fees, an upfront honest service and very high customer satisfaction. Why wouldn't you?

What happens after I fill in your form?

First of all, you commit yourself to absolutely nothing by filling in your details on this site. When we receive your details we'll check your claim for you, then if all looks good, we'll email you our terms & conditions for you to look at. If you're happy just click to sign (only takes 20 secs) then we'll do the rest & get you your money.

Millions of £ Goes Unclaimed Every Year in Flight Compensation

You are legally entitled compensation if you have been delayed 3 hours or more.