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Claim up to £540* in delayed flight compensation!

If you have been delayed for 3 hours or more in the last 6 years on an EU flight*

*An EU flight is where the delayed flight departed from an EU airport, regardless of the airline OR where an EU airline landed at an EU airport.

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Flight delay? Claim Flight delay compensation
If your flight delay was more than three hours or your delayed flight was cancelled, you can claim. EU rule 261/2004 states that: you can be entitled to between £90 and £540* in flight delay compensation - and you can complete a compensation claim online in minutes!
We offer our services for flight delay compensation on a no win no fee basis. It's risk free and you could stand to get a good chunk of compensation. Delayed Again will cover all related fees (court fee of £150) and fees for reports (averaging £750) - best of all, there's no initial fee to pay!
Our online flight delay compensation claim form will check your eligibility for making a claim. If your case passes a few checks, our legal team of experts will take care of your flight delay claim on your behalf. You won't be charged a penny unless we recover compensation for you. Even then, we only take a small percentage of your total claim, plus a small admin fee!

Delayed Flight Compensation

Claim the Flight Delay Compensation You Deserve.

Thanks to EU legislation, you are (and have been for quite some time) eligible to claim compensation for flight delays, flight over-booking, flight cancellation claim, flight re-routing and denied boarding. However this only applies if:

1. Your flight departed from any airport in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland.

2. Your flight arrived in the EU with any EU carrier or one from Norway, Switzerland or Iceland.

Under EU regulations, specifically article 261/2004, passengers are entitled to a flight delay compensation claim up to a maximum of £540* / €600 - best of all, you can claim this back if your delayed flight meets any of this conditions and happened within the last six years!

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Our team of delayed flight compensation recovery experts are here to help you claim the flight compensation you deserve. We know that the process can seem quite daunting, going up against big airlines as an individual can not only be difficult, but it also means you can get ignored. We'd like to assure you that this won't happen with us - airlines must respond to claims which we file on your behalf. If airlines have wasted your time, money and caused you delays then why not file a flight delay compensation claim today?

Holidays are meant to allow you to unwind from the modern stresses of day to day living and you shouldn't be left out of pocket. When you book with an airline, they make a commitment to get you to your destination on time. If they somehow fail to do this, you are more than within your right to file a claim. If your flight delay was more than three hours you could be eligible for a flight compensation claim of up to £540*!

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Flight Delays

A flight delay can be seen in the following two ways: a delayed flight which departs from any airport within the EU (European Union), regardless of the airline or when an EU airline arrives at an airport situated within the EU (specifically: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).

Flight Cancellation

The amount of available compensation for cancelled flights will depend on the distance travelled (in kilometres) and whether or not your flight was scheduled to land in the EU. Claim flight compensation!

Denied Boarding

If you have been denied boarding by the airline when you followed all boarding procedures correctly, you can claim denied boarding compensation. If you arrived and checked in on time at the correct desk with proper conduct and you were told that were not allowed to board or fly then you have been unrightfully denied boarding and should start a claim against the airline in question.

Re-Routed Flights

Re-routing is quite common in the aviation industry, and while essential in some cases you can still claim delayed flight compensation for re-routed flights. There are two types of flight re-routing, both of which are eligible for a compensation claim to be filed:

1. If you reached your planned destination with a different flight number than the original one on your ticket. This type of re-routing often means you'll be delayed from a anything to a few minutes to a number of hours.

2. If you reached your destination by travelling along a different route than originally planned by your airline. To claim flight delay compensation for this type of re-routing your delay must have exceeded 3 hours.

Making Your Claim


How Much Do I Pay For Your flight delay Service?

It may from cheap flights but you will only have to pay if your claim is successful. For successful flight delay compensation claims, our fee is 25% of the compensation plus an admin fee of £25 per person* (plus Applicable VAT).

What Documents Do I Need To Make a Claim?

To begin your claim from your flight delay, you must ensure you have the relevant flight documents to your delayed flight. Please provide your booking details, including information such as the date of your delayed flight, flight delay number, length and the reason(s) for the delayed flight. If you are unable to provide all of this information, we can help find your flight delay information for you.

Can I Claim If I Don't Live in the UK?

Absolutely! If your delayed flight was with a European airline company, such as Monarch, thomson Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and the flight delay in question was to or from an airport situated in Europe, it is likely that we can file a flight delay compensation claim for you - even if you do not live in the UK currently!

Can I Claim with You If I’ve Already Sent a Claim Request to the Airline In Question?

Yes, at any point of the claims process we can step in and help you secure your compensation. We can work with you from the very start, after you’ve sent your letter off to the airline or during the claim compensation dialogue with the airline. Don't let airlines fool you, they will often send you letters stating that your flight delay compensation claim isn’t valid when it actually is!

How Long Does Claiming Take?

This varies depending on the type of claim we file for you and is governed by the specific set of laws applicable to your case. Currently, there's no set timeframe for compensation awards, but typically we say around 4-12 weeks of filing your claim. Airlines are likely to be inundated with large numbers of flight delay compensation claims.

How Far Back Can I Claim for flight delays?

You can claim for a delayed flight that has departed in the last 6 years, even cheap flights, as long as the flight delay eventually departed or arrived in the EU via an EU airline.